$2.5 million + – charter bus, adult fatality

$1 million – car vs. bus, elderly lady, hip fracture

$1 million + – workers compensation lifelong benefits, total permanent

$1 million + – workers compensation lifelong benefits, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, total permanent

$800K – State high verdict, knee injury, slip and fall

$650K – car vs. truck, elderly lady, hip fracture

$500K – wrongful death, truck

$475K – workers compensation, multiple claims

$360K – workers compensation, CRPS

$290K – workers compensation, construction worker, wage differential

$281,250 – motorcycle vs. car – verdict

$250K – workers compensation, Bears football star, wage differential

$200K – workers compensation, hand/arm injury

$180K – motor vehicle crash, dental injuries

$172,380 – pedestrian vs. car, knee fracture, verdict

$126.5K – workers compensation, Chicago Transit Authority, wage differential

$125K – slip and fall in bank, elderly lady, neck injury

$118.4K – workers compensation, Chicago Transit Authority employee, back injury

$100K – Chicago Police Department police officer, uninsured motorist claim, arbitration award

$100K – pedestrian, elderly lady, hip fracture

$100K – bike accident, scarring, policy limits

$100K – workers compensation, unoperated back injury

$99K – workers compensation, city worker, shoulder fracture

$92.5K – Cook County juvenile detention office, workers compensation, unoperated back settlement

$87.5K – grocery store slip and fall